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IObit Uninstaller 4.0

Uninstalls any program, including those that Windows cannot uninstall
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Though, in essence, a quite simple operation, uninstalling programs can sometimes become a stressful affair. Some programs – especially malicious ones – tend to resist being uninstalled, and here is where iObit Uninstaller comes into play. This program can uninstall any app, toolbar, and plug-in installed on your system, with or without your consent. Additionally, it comes with a new specific utility to help you uninstall Windows 8 Metro apps.

The program has been thoroughly revamped and improved to include various exciting new features. Namely, together with the already-mentioned Win8 Apps Module, iObit Uninstaller includes a “Quick Uninstall” button that will remove any software tool without requiring you to wait for the confirmation message. Besides, and to help you select the programs to uninstall in a quicker and more efficient way, you can now filter them according to various criteria – those you recently installed, the largest programs on your PC, those you rarely use, and the Windows updates.

Not only can this tool remove from your system any software program installed on it, but also clean everything around it. It can detect programs and plug-ins that your Windows uninstaller cannot, and remove apps that – even when detected by your operating system – refuse to be uninstalled following the standard procedures. iObit Uninstaller performs this task dutifully and thoroughly, removing all those “leftovers” that these reluctant programs tend to leave behind and digging deep into your Registry looking for the right keys to remove.

If you happen to have Windows 8 installed on your computer, you will see a new “Win8 Apps” tab on the program’s main interface. This has been devised to list all those default Metro apps that come with your operating system, and which have proven to be a hard nut to crack when it comes to getting rid of them. This program can uninstall them just as easily and efficiently as it deals with any other software tool, with the bonus of a batch-uninstall feature that will help you remove as many of those apps as you wish in just one go.

The best thing is that all this functionality will cost you nothing. This is a free tool that requires very little resources to do its job, and that, eventually, we’ll all need to use – those are, to me, enough reasons to have it installed on my system. For those who are wondering, iObit Unistaller is also capable of uninstalling itself quickly and thoroughly if needed.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Uninstalls programs, toolbars, plug-ins, etc.
  • Can uninstall Windows 8 Metro apps.
  • Its forced uninstaller removes any unwanted app.
  • Restores your browser default settings.
  • Creates restore points before uninstalling an app.
  • Manages your system restore points.
  • Attractive and clear interface


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