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Uninstalls your programs cleanly and safely and gets rid of old remains
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If you are an average PC user, surely you have installed and uninstalled lots of programs over the years. However, many of those programs weren't uninstalled completely and cleanly, leaving undesirable remains like useless cache files and invalid shortcuts. They, in turn, contribute to the emergence of certain problems on your PC such as disk fragmentation. IObit Uninstaller is a specialized tool that helps you uninstall your programs in a clean and safe way and removes the all the remains too.

Like most IObit tools, this program offers an ordered and dark-colored interface which is characterized by being intuitive and easy to use. This tool not only detects and lists your installed programs, but also your Internet browsers' toolbars and plugins and your Windows apps. All those entries are classified into tabs that are easily accessible from the left panel of the program's main window. To uninstall a program or plugin, you just need to click on its corresponding remove icon, though you can also select several entries and uninstall them all in one go, using the "Uninstall" button.

One of the biggest assets of IObit Uninstaller is that it allows you to manage Windows updates. They are listed with their corresponding descriptions, Knowledge Base codes and installation dates, and you can uninstall them in the same already described way. As a security measure this program automatically creates a system restore point before executing any uninstall task, and it even includes its own system restore utility.

Finally, IObit Uninstaller includes multiple extra tools that considerably increase its functionality. For example, I can mention the "Cleanup Residual" tool, which detects and removes the remains of previous uninstall jobs; the "Startup Manager", which lists all the automatic startup apps and allows you to enable/disable or remove them; the "Force Uninstall" tool, that allows you to uninstall programs that cannot be uninstalled using the conventional method; and the "File Shredder" tool, that helps you delete files and folders in an unrecoverable way. Unfortunately, all those tools are a bit "hidden" under the "Tools" icon, which is small and non self-descriptive.

To cut a long story short, I would recommend any PC user to try IObit Uninstaller, as it will surely help he/she cleanly remove any unnecessary programs and get rid of all those undesirable remains. The program is completely free, so you can use it indefinitely without any concern.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Uninstalls Internet browsers' toolbars and plugins too.
  • Allows you to manage Windows updates and apps.
  • Includes its own system restore point creation and restore mechanism.
  • Offers extra tools that increase its functionality


  • The extra tools are a bit hidden
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